The HELIOS Foundation

Our purpose

The Foundation was established to provide long term stability for HELIOS and the user group and to enable fund raising for collaborative development.


Why Automate?

It is only over the past 10 years that the humanitarian sector has begun to adopt supply chain disciplines to drive efficiencies. So why automate the supply chain?



HELIOS software is the offshoot of a collaborative effort by the humanitarian sector to design, develop, and implement the next generation of sector specific Supply Chain Management.


Latest news

  Major car paint suppliers join initiative against child labour in mica mines (2017-02-24)

PPG and Axalta join scheme after Guardian report linked paint used by Vauxhall, BMW and VW with mines in India reliant on child labour and debt bondage PPG and Axalta, two of the world’s larges...

  How Will Materials Science and Digital Disruption Reshape Supply Chains? (2017-02-23)

Markus Buehler, head of the Department of Civil Engineering and the McAfee Professor of Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will give a talk on new developments in materials...

  WHO and partners intensify health response to South Sudan cholera outbreak (2017-02-22)

Source: World Health Organization Country: South Sudan The outbreak poses a significant threat given the security concerns in affected and at-risk locations and the drastic deterioratio...